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Class Descriptions


This page includes a description of our classes, what is Iyengar Yoga and links to learn more about BKS Iyengar and his tradition.  Enjoy the practice that is for You.

Classes run on a four week Semester.  The last week of the month is restorative.  Students are encouraged to attend regularly to build their knowledge and ability throughout the Semesters and to start a home practice.

 All students are encouraged to work at their own pace which is the beauty of yoga. Each posture has a level for all. As students progress in the awareness of the body and ability to activate and awaken, they can then move to a more advanced class. Starting in level 1 is best to receive the foundation of this tradition of Yoga.  Begin to explore the integrity and vibrancy of BKS Iyengar's teaching.  Develop mobility, stability and strength through learning the foundational asanas, (yoga postures)first.

Foundations/Level I: 
A slower paced class where the teacher takes extra care in adapting postures to individual needs.  This is an excellent choice if you are cautious about yoga because of health concerns.  You are welcome to contact Nesta to discuss your situation and questions.

Level I: 
These classes are the foundation of Iyengar yoga. Participants learn a variety of asanas that build strength, stability and increase flexibility. This course is recommended for first time students and those who are new to the Iyengar method. A variety of asansas are introduced including the basics of Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) or alternatives where needed. It is recommended that participants spend at least six months of regular practice at this level before moving on.

Level II: 
You have developed confidence and concentration along with understanding the basic poses.  You have become aware of your limitations and are ready to expand in additional asanas.  You know what inversions are accessible for you.



What is Alignment based Yoga developed by BKS Iyengar

Iyengar yoga is a complete, powerful and precise system of physical, mental and spiritual culturing.

Its aim is the union of the individual spirit with the universal spirit.

Its method:
Its method of achieving this lofty aim is mainly through allowing the student to access the pose regardless of flexibility or strength. It is meditation in action. This leads the student into a journey of yoga postures (asanas) and yogic breathing (pranayama). Concentration on the alignment in asanas engrosses the mind in progressively subtler aspects of one's self which begins with the body, but ends with the very Self within.

An example:
When the beginner attempts the asanas, the mind struggles to find even the gross parts of the body like the arms and legs and how to control and move them as required. Progressively the mind is made to respond to and control subtler parts of the body as well as coordinate these parts. This process expands the depth and breath of the mind improving its ability to focus on and penetrate an object as well as expanding its capacity from single pointed concentration to multi pointed concentration. By stages, the mind moves from concentration to awareness. In responding to and controlling the many parts of the body, the mind itself gets controlled since it can not go away from the body. In this state, the mind becomes merged and suffused in its object. As the object is controlled, so to is the mind. The sense of a separate self fades and the mind becomes stilled like the water of a reflecting pond. In it, the true Self within is glimpsed. That glimpse lends perspective to our life and satisfies our deepest urges for understanding.

In conclusion:
To the casual observer the postures may look merely physical, but practiced with fervor, sensitivity and devotion they become a road to profound understanding of one's Self.


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